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Digital Ratings


Find your Audience

Reppublika Digital Ratings measures app- and website usage with a Single Source approach, both in total and for each device type. The audience profile of each can be filtered across more than 100 attributes such as demographic characteristics, interests, product- and service use by default - you can also add custom segments.

Check out the competition

Digital Ratings also allows you to measure your digital performance against your competition. Based on our single source approach, you can not only compare your overall performance but also the performance of specific product groups.

See where your competitors get their traffic from and what their customer demographic is like - and also, which of your own customers are checking out your rival.


DMP Activator

Reach your Audience

Define your own audience based on Reppublika data or combine Reppublika data with your own data to build your audience. Activate it within your DMP and reach your customers across digital advertising channels.

Effective advertising with predictive audience
Improve your targeting by using our custom audiences based on high quality panel data combined with modelling of your own data.

Data Onboarding Platform

Onboard your own data

We provide you with a GDPR compliant solution to onboard your own data along with consent management.


Campaign Control


Measure and optimize the effectiveness of your campaign

Campaign Control is the ultimate control center for monitoring and optimizing your online advertising campaign. It allows you to verify if your campaign has reached the correct audience and also helps you to improve the effectiveness of digital ads for branding campaigns by integrating real-time branding KPIs.

Follow your audience in real time

No more guesswork or waiting to assess a campaign after it is finished and the budget spent — tweak and correct in real time, see results already a few hours later.

Gain future insights

Prove the effectiveness of your campaign planning and gain insights for the future from the results of an automated brand uplift study based on predefined KPIs such as Recall, Recognition, Appeal and Purchase Probability.

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