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We give meaning to your data

Many companies collect customer data but few manage to do something meaningful with it. The challenge is to connect isolated data from offline and online behavior to one single data source based on unique IDs. Unique IDs with an omni-channel view are key for personalized marketing.


Activate and optimise DMPs

Like any real passport, the  Reppublika DataPassport™ comes  already loaded with basic data such as socio-demographics, interests, product or service usage from research access panel data .  

And like the visa pages in a real travel document, it also logs the user’s online and offline experiences, and actually learns from them, to create a full portrait of the user.

With this aggregated information, the DataPassport acts like an identity document — but instead of showing  information to a border guard, it shows it to DMPs for activation.

DataPassport™ is a user-centric identifier that makes data focused and manageable

Our innovative technology allows us to collect data from different sources and link it to one user or user model.

We can use panel data, tracking, passive metering surveys, geolocation, TV data and historical data (campaign tracking, surveys, etc) with full GDPR compliance, accompanying the user or user model as they leave both a digital and an offline footprint.


Knowing who the user is, DMPs can optimize their performance — ad budgets are spent efficiently, and campaigns reach the right audience.

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